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From the beginning in 1977, EMA has worked in several fields like education, improvement of jobs, environment, women empowerment and employing the marginalised, the minorities and physically challenged. It has initiated several activities like stipends for the poor and deserving students in the local area, distributing school textbooks, vocational training, repair of primary school buildings, career training, creation of water resources, organic farming, solar energy, and so on. We work closely with our Cooperatives, womenÂ’'s organisations, single mothers, and have a residential training centre and hold holiday camps for the orphans.

The artisans, especially in the Musical Instruments department, actively help us to develop their specialisation. As they live quite a distance from the Development Centre, they are provided with food, lodging and a healthy atmosphere. They are allowed to go home once a week/month, or four times a year, according to distance and workload.

An item like Incense Sticks helps us to support rural women to earn without moving out of their homes. As they stay far from our Development Centre, they find it difficult to commute after tending to their home and hearth, but nurture a desire to do something to add to the family kitty.

It is significant that all the spinning of the yarn is also done by the women. And the Candles section is run completely by the physically challenged, including the manager.

Our Producers

Our producers comprise poor artisans, farmers, craftspersons, weavers, women and small producers for whom survival is an ongoing battle. Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) places the products made by these artisans from villages and small towns on an international platform.

EMA Centre

Nestled in the sylvan surroundings of Village Uttarbhag, in South Ramnagar, Baruipur is EMA Development Centre. That is some 40 km from central Kolkata, West Bengal.
The campus is sprawled over a 7-acre area, and stands with a quiet pride as a symbol of creative talent and dignity of labour.